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Why Surface Business Media

With our vast knowledge of a wide range on online marketing strategies, we can unleash your campaign on the millions of search engine users.

With our in house experts having a strong eye for detail and determination for success we guarantee you a place amongst the masses. We, at SBM know that comprehensive and effective research is key to any strong campaign launch and so before we start with our technical magic we ensure to know exactly what you need to do boost that traffic to your business.



Because looks matter, use us to convert visitors into customers. Our experts will help you generate the traffic you need to boost your business, become an active member of this new and growing cyber culture by developing your website with us NOW.



    98% of all online enquiries are done through Google, that’s over 4billion enquiries every day. At Surface Business Media we only concern ourselves with page 1, after all, people are just too busy for page 2. It comes as no surprise to anyone that advertising via Google is real and growing more prevalent by the hour. Good Advertisement means Good Business.



      Having over 1.3 billion active users and growing more each day, Facebook generates the highest amount of online traffic in comparison with any other social media network, Surface Business Media has the perfect social media solution for you. Social Connections and integral parts of Social Media, Facebook for your business provides you with a unique opportunity to attach a face, name and personality to your brand.



        Creating visual concepts by hand and computer software, communicating ideas that inspire, inform and captivate customers. You want your company to make a great first impression on clients, vendors andother entities. The youthfulness of graphic design extends beyond your logo and your website. The design will produce visual aids that will help you communicate with your target audience.

          One Dream. One Team. Our performance, leads to success!




          We are able to create web designs aimed at crafting sites to provide the highest viewing experience. This will solve the majority of design problems that arise with the ever moving technology inventions

          LOGO DESIGN

          Because looks matter, help us to help you. We will create an outstanding logo design to drive that traffic all the way to your website.


          This is perfect for propelling the interest of your site visitors towards the objective you have identified. You can more easily guide visitors toward the exact action that you want them to take.


          We include a business email with all of our packages. An advanced option is also available which offers larger email boxes for an additional charge.


          A combination of top of the range technologies, caching and SSD Disks means our hosting is lightening fast.


          Looking to start up an online store. We specialise in Ecommerce Websites including secure payment gateways and full product upload options and management.

          Our Services

          Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with their know how and experience. We are fully trained and confident in being able to move your business from the brim of darkness into a world of Success and profit.

          Support & Training

          Full support and training for all our Clients. We make our aim very clear, to understand you and your business, and providing you with support in the way you need it.

          Account Manager

          Performing a variety of duties, the account manager acts as the interface between the customer services and sales department within the company. Account managers are the first port of call for our clients, they maintain a good working relationship to ensure that the client is always satisfied.

          Creative Ideas

          At Surface Business Media, we take time to know your business, your likes, dislikes and what will suit your target audience, don’t be afraid to let us loose with our creativity and extravagant ideas.

          DREAM & CREATE

          Not just responsive

          Mobile Internet usage has taken over desktop browsing, which means, now more than ever its important that your website Is optimised for mobile devices. To put it simply, after we have finished our magic, your website will fit virtually any device which uses a full web browser. As well as adjusting to different desktop screen resolutions, it also works across smartphones, tablets and smart tvs. A responsive design can increase sales, generate traffic and boost customer engagement and give you an edge over your competition. It will also help you save time, money and carries SEO benefits against traditional mobile websites.

          High resolution ready

          Prepping the masses for your world in HD, this embraces the latest solutions to make your website look clean on high definition devices. What this means for you is crispier images and smoother font rendering.

          good words. good people.

          • “Its not just a pretty website. I am also thrilled by the quality of support. It is fast, reliable and no complications at all. Its nice to feel part of the team. Great group of people. ”

            LAURA CHARETTE
          • “I was very sceptical at first, but regular updates on my marketing campaigns as well as analytical reports put my mind to ease. They delivered on what they promised and they went the extra mile.”

            DAVID J. GROVES

          We at Surface Business Media are an army of creative coders who believe business should have integrity, that work should be enjoyable and search engine marketing should be rewarding, remarkable and rapturous. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are able to convert into success for all our clients.


          Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at more successful projects. As a result we deliver a better web experience.

          JOBS DONE

          OUR CLIENTS

          After working with us,you know why it never worked with anyone else

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